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Our Motto:

We serve energy and environment and they are international

Our Aim:

  1. To provide training with the aim to increase, update and refresh technical knowledge

  2. To offer complementary training in management, financing, administration, planning and information technology.

  3. To offer language training, particularly in technical English


The International Energy Foundation (IEF) welcomes the visitors of its Home page and thanks them for their interest and appreciates any comments or ideas they might have to improve this page.

Since inception in 1989 and till now IEF is in the service of energy, environment and development through its training program inside and outside Libya, through organizing of international conferences and symposiums, preparing studies and offering advisory service within its scope of mandate with the aim of transferring, exchanging and spreading of information and knowledge in the service of sustainable human development

According to its constitution IEF is an international scientific and non-profit civil organization, which is self-financing of all its activities .IEF is also committed to abide by highest international scientific standards in its performance and to follow the policy of self-cost without any additions in pricing its services rendered to clients and partners

A word of thank and appreciation goes to all our partners and to all those who are cooperating with and supporting us toward reaching our goals for sustainable human development.

                                                                              IEF, President